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Why All SOAs Need ESBs

I’ve recently asked one of my developers to research some integration and middleware technologies for a project we’re working on. After spending a couple days on this, he said to me “these things are all…

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Event Driven Architectures

Came across a pretty cool open source product several weeks ago. It’s an event stream processing engine called Esper developed by a couple guys who look like they have a lot of experience building systems…

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When Should You Use an ESB?

With all the hype around ESBs, a lot of people think that you need an ESB to build an SOA. That isn’t always the case. I’m getting tired of seeing boilerplate SOA architecture diagrams with…

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Saw some talk (from David Linthicum and David Black) recently in the blogosphere on doing business activity monitoring (BAM) and business intelligence (BI) within SOAs. This is an idea I’ve been keen on for a…

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How Robust is Your ESB?

Organizations are increasingly looking at using an Enterprise Service Bus as the technical foundation for building SOAs these days. With the ESB playing such a critical role in your SOA infrastructure, it is important to…